Welcome to the website! Our goal is to offer a creative, affordable, and straightforward approach to getting a great video up and running on your website in a short time. We include samples and pricing to make it easy to include us in your budget.

Visibility is crucial in the travel industry. If a hotel or hotel group wants to get its message out to as wide an audience as possible, then high quality video and photography should be an integral part of its online marketing strategy.

■  Most hotel sites already have some photography, but internet shoppers are increasingly savvy and want a lot of information before booking. Video allows a potential guest to view a hotel’s rooms and facilities in action, greatly increasing the possibility of a booking.
■  Video has an emotional impact and increases the “stickiness” of a website.
■  People tend to believe what they see, not what they read or hear.
■  Hotel videos are easily shared, sending highly targeted traffic to the site. The viral potential of video means that information can be distributed much quicker than conventional methods.
■  Video streamed online is environmentally friendly. It reduces paper usage and the carbon footprint of large scale mailings.
■  Videos are incredibly versatile and therefore highly cost-effective, allowing any hotel to make its marketing budget go further. Videos can be streamed online, included on e-mail signatures, duplicated onto DVDs, used in one-on-one meetings, trade shows or at large scale events.  
■  The right video can serve a hotel's needs for a long period of time and the footage can always be re-edited for use in future productions. We can update the video as the property changes. We keep a hard drive dedicated to your property so changes are as simple as a phone call or email. We can also create additional videos tailored to corporate travel planners, showcasing the hotel’s event spaces, resort amenities, or restaurants.